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        What would you say if you were asked to tell a story that illustrates your personality? Fifteen fictional characters accept the challenge and try to project themselves through the stories that best describe them.

         Leaving aside the fact that most human beings portray themselves as they perceive themselves, the book seeks to show that in each narrative there are clues for the reader to search for and create for himself an image of the subject that “speaks”.

          If we had the opportunity to listen to all living beings, we could find their own uniqueness in their respective stories and, perhaps, that is a common denominator that we all share. 

Illustration of the storybook "Confessions".

  • Illustrator: Mauricio Bustos Galeano.
    Technique: Pencil, colored pencil, computer textures
    Format: A4 Digital printing, limited edition of 10 copies signed by the illustrator.


    Mauricio is a graphic designer with extensive experience in commercial and cultural projects. He has worked for different advertising agencies in Europe where he has developed creative visual communication projects for companies such as Audi, Lufthansa, BMW, Nissan, DHL, IKEA among others. He has had collective and individual art exhibitions in various art galleries. 
    He lives and works in São José dos Campos, state of São Paulo, Brazil, where he maintains his graphic design office and artistic workshop.


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