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The short-story "Carolina" is part of the book Suburban Tales and tells the story of a girl like any other from a typical Latin American city neighborhood. She must face the ambiguous reality of being an attractive and young girl, in a difficult universe full of predators.

Illustration of the short-story "Carolina".

  • Illustrator:Mauricio Bustos Galeano.
    Technique: Pencil, colored pencil, computer textures
    Format: A4 Digital printing, limited edition of 10 copies signed by the illustrator.


    Mauricio is a graphic designer with extensive experience in commercial and cultural projects. He has worked for different advertising agencies in Europe where he has developed creative visual communication projects for companies such as Audi, Lufthansa, BMW, Nissan, DHL, IKEA among others. He has had collective and individual art exhibitions in various art galleries. 
    He lives and works in São José dos Campos, state of São Paulo, Brazil, where he maintains his graphic design office and artistic workshop.


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