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If life gave you only one chance,
would you take it?
Adventure alongside the protagonist of this story and find out what his decisions were.

El Gaspar


“A book that goes beyond entertainment, it has what is necessary to lead us to a fluent reading. It also leads us to learn about the customs and historical facts of real people, from a place unknown to many of us, and to understand how the 'chains' are repeated without us being aware of them and the need for public support policies. Also a book that makes us 'travel' with the wealth of descriptions. I really liked when he presents the turning points that capture the reader's curiosity to know how that exact moment (which would not even seem so crucial) would mark a change in the course of the characters' lives, I think these turning points happen a lot with us (…) It is a novel, but it is full of reality”.- A. F.


“For me it is a perfect book. It includes themes that summon me and that I consider fundamental in a story: love (in any of its forms), critical analysis of what is established (...) The story is completely coherent, captivating, sensitive and harshly realistic”.-M. B.


“A very fresh reading, the text is well written (...) what I like the most is the beauty of its simplicity, in the midst of the description of a natural landscape as beautiful and intense as the emotions that El Gaspar could never express. The drama of misunderstanding and the inability to resolve, despite love. All in all, a highly recommended read."-C.S.


“(…) I learned a lot, and even more, it made me laugh a lot. There are several people, important to me, that I would like to give a book like this; for their jobs, for what they do, for what they did, or in some way, for my own story.”-L. C.


"I read the novel, recommended for analysis and reflection on the impact of gender violence, which goes so unnoticed and is so explicitly described in the book (...) a work with a vision committed to gender inequalities."-L. M.

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     Jonathan Elizondo Orozco completed a Post-Doctoral internship in the Graduate Program in Philosophy at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, with the theme: “Ethics and Human Rights”. He has a PhD from the Graduate Program in Philosophy of the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil; He has a Master's Degree in Philosophy of Law, from the Graduate Program in Law of the Federal University of Santa Catarina Brazil. He has a Law Degree from the University of Costa Rica. He has experience in the area of Ethics, and has worked mainly on the topics of Metaethics and Human Rights. He also has several publications in the areas of Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Language and Applied Ethics.

   Author of various opinion articles, and the short-stories books Suburban  Tales and Confessions, also of the novel Belita

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